Billy has played guitars built by German Classical Guitar makers “Ortega Guitars” since 2015, and in 2021 was honoured to be invited by them to help design a special signature model in his name.

Heavily involved in the specification and design – Billy chose stunning White Ebony for the main body of the guitar & his trademark Trilby hat logo is embossed into the 12th fret – the 2 finished prototypes were delivered in person to him at The Guitar Show in Birmingham UK in May of 2022.

The limited edition production models of the Billy Watman Signature Model (BYWSM) will be available from Ortega Guitars in early 2023.

As well as his signature guitar, Billy also plays a range of Ortega’s other instruments. For many years his main guitar was their Striped Suite CE model, which he still uses frequently.

He also plays the Eclipse Suite CE, the RUWN-CE Ukulele and the Caiman Ukebass.


as well as his Ortega instruments, Billy also uses: